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Other-1 Computer

BYTE Magazine Core Memory Article:

July 1976 - Where to find it.

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Other-1 Magnetic Core Memory Logic

Other-1 CPU Logic
Other-1 Instruction Set
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Letting the cat out of the bag...

In 1977, a year after the Other-1 was functional, working as a systems programmer, I read the following surprising and exciting article in my favorite magazine:
Martin Gardner, in his Mathematical Games column for Scientific American, August 1977, gave a technical description of the "trapdoor" algorithm involving factorization of large primes developed by MIT computer scientists Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman, thus making viable Diffe-Hellman based Public-Key Cryptosystems public knowledge. The column was modified slightly for inclusion as a book chapter, available here, courtesy of the Mathematical Association of America:

Book excerpt: Penrose Tiles To Trapdoor Ciphers ...and the Return of Dr. Matrix, By Martin Gardner, Rev 1997, Chapters 13, 14.

Since then...
Professor Rivest's speaker Slide Set "On the Growth of Cryptography" (updated 2016).
...till here we are today!
 - Journal of Cybersecurity - Exceptional Access Mandates (CW2)
 - EFF - Prior Restraint

Some Sites addressing computer and technology issues of privacy & security:

Bruce Schneier, technology security consultant (blog, and an excellent monthly newsletter):

Electronic Frontier Foundation:

American Civil Liberties Union:

Ars Technica - breaking technology news articles in fields of IT, Business, Computers, Science, Gaming, Public Policy:
(Some Reader comments to articles may be unsuitable for children)

The Guardian online newspaper:

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