Penrose Hospital Expansion: Moved Houses

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Relocation of Residences Related to the Expansion of Penrose Hospital, 2300 North Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, CO, 1975-2002

In the mid 70s, the Penrose/Glockner Hospital administration, recognizing the need to expand out of the 2 square block area bounded by  Cascade, Tejon, Madison, and Jackson,  began in earnest to acquire residential properties directly east, between north Tejon and Nevada streets, a top priority being space for parking.*

Documented here is the relocation of residential buildings that were in the Hospital expansion area bounded by Tejon Street and Nevada Avenue on the west and east, and Madison Street and Jackson Street on the south and north.

A recent "A look back" article in the Gazette* showing a 1956 aerial photo of the pre-expansion Glockner-Penrose Hospital got me interested in how many houses were moved out of the expansion area and what happened to them, whether the relocations were a planned effort, and whether the relocations were documented in a neighborhood history.
My research on the houses moved due to the Penrose Hospital Expansion is discussed on page Moved Houses Research.
Links to pages showing houses moved from Penrose expansion area to destinations - Addresses & photos.
Presented on the links below is a list of from/to addresses for the relocated residences, along with my snapshots of each relocated residence, and a file photo of each residence in its original location from the El Paso County Assessor's archives. The material is organized into two web pages by streets in the Expansion area: one for north-south streets, the other for east-west streets.
Of the 48 addresses in the 2-block expansion area, 25 houses are confirmed moved.

For the 26 addresses on north-south streets, 14 houses were moved:
See Tejon Street and Nevada Avenue: photos and notes.

For the 22 addresses on east-west streets, 11 houses were moved:
See Madison & Monroe Streets, and Tyler Place: photos and notes.
Distribution of relocated houses around El Paso County and around Colorado Springs
The top Google Earth photo shows the distribution of 24 relocated houses in and around El Paso County. Two houses at the upper left have unknown relocated addresses, the third has an unknown address within Teller County. The two houses at the lower left have unknown addresses in Fremont County, but one is in the town Penrose. (The El Paso Assessor only tracks buildings relocated within the county.)

The bottom Google Earth photo is a closeup look at the distribution of relocated houses within Colorado Springs.

The relocated houses marked in blue are originally from Tejon and Nevada streets, and are tagged with Numerals 1 to 14; those marked in magenta are originally from Madison, Monroe, and Tyler streets, and are tagged with Letters A through J.

The Numeral and Letter tag values correspond to similar values associated with the Current Addresses in the two pages of "Addresses & photos" linked above.

* References supplied on page Moved Houses Research