References for ICs used in Other-1 CPU and Core Memory logic

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Technical References for Integrated Circuits used in Other-1 CPU and Core Memory logic.
- Links to manufacturer technical data sheets (typically Texas Instruments PDF)
- All are dual-in-line plastic (or ceramic with pinout same as plastic) packages: Texas Instruments "N" or "J"
- All are positive logic unless otherwise indicated
- "o.c." indicates "open collector" outputs

7400        quad 2-input NAND gates
7401        quad 2-input NAND gates with o.c. outputs
7402        quad 2-input NOR gates
7404        hex inverters
7407        hex buffer/drivers with o.c. high voltage outputs
7408        quad 2-input AND gates
7410        triple 3-input NAND gates
7411        triple 3-input AND gates (motorola datasheet)
7413        dual 4-input NAND Schmitt triggers
7420        dual 4-input NAND gates
7421        dual 4-input AND gates  (fairchild)
7425        dual 4-input NOR gates with strobe
7427        triple 3-input NOR gates
7430        8-input NAND gate
7432        quad 2-input NOR gates
7437        quad 2-input NAND buffers
7438        quad 2-input NAND buffers with o.c. outputs
7474        dual D-type positive-edge-triggered flip-flops with preset and clear
7486        quad 2-input EXCLUSIVE-OR gates
7493        4-bit binary counter (datasheet for 74LS93 - same pinout) (MSI)
7496        5-bit shift register (MSI)
74121       monostable multivibrator with Schmitt-trigger inputs
74155       dual 2-line-to-4-line decoders/demultiplexers (MSI)
74157       quad 2-line-to-1-line data selectors/multiplexers (MSI)
74161       4-bit synchronous binary counter with asynchronous clear (MSI)
74181       4-bit arithmetic logic unit/function generator (active high or low data) (datasheet for 74LS181 - same pinout) (MSI)
74194       4-bit bidirectional universal shift registers (MSI)

7524        dual sense amplifiers
75325       memory drivers
75452       dual peripheral NAND drivers

TID125      16 diode array, common cathodes, common anodes
TID133      dual 8 diode arrays, common cathodes, common anodes

Electronics Datasheets, Components & Hardware Sources

LEFT External Link: Nice source for electronic component datasheets. Enter full or partial part number to get a list of results which can be filtered, or click on Logo to go to site which also allows browsing by part number. Datasheets are displayed in downloadable PDF format.

(Some IC links above use the Datasheets360 source.)

These were two of my favorite sources of ICs, sockets, perfboards, switches, etc., used when I built the Other-1 in 1974-76, and for peripherals projects in following years. Glad to see these companies are still providing similar products today:
- Jameco Electronics
- DigiKey Electronics